Another re-release: Tamiya XR311

Fantastic, I love these old kits. Immediately bought this new ‘old’ on, the Tamiya XR311.

Will put it on the shelf until I find some time to build it. Hope they will also release the Cheetah again !

Here the original Tamiya promotion video:

and the original promotion video for the real thing by FMC:


Simulating rust on scale models

Other than the soft polycarbonate bodies, I want to add more realism to the resin bodies. I build the F350 and the Subaru Brat and I find them a bit boring, almost like from the toys shop.  The 1838 truck I build now I want to give some authentic ‘used’ look with rust and dents. It is not that easy to create the non glossy look. I started ti google around for wrecking and aging scale models and there a few interesting sites.

I started to experiment with rust on stunt scale model.

Base Rust color
some dark red color mix, mine needs to be improved
Make the model wer and sprinkle salt over it

Creating Rust 1

Let it try and add the final color over it

Creating Rust 2

Scrub of the salt et Voila !

Creating Rust 3

It is a start, far from perfect. You need to experiment with the colors and learn the physics of rust. Look at real rusty cars (you might notice our modern cars on the road hardly show signs of rust though).

RC Project 16: Mercedes Benz 1838LS

My first Tamiya truck.

Tamiya 1838LS

Tamiya 1838LS

I plan an ‘Auf Achse’ design, one of the trucks from an 1980’s German TV series (Wiki). The truck from the series is a Mercedes Benz NG 1632 (1974-1988) and the 1838 was a later model from the 1990’s. So it wont be that accurate but the models are kind of similar (not for the experts).

by O. Nordsieck aus

This is NOT Tamiya..

..but some 30$ defunc Toyshop RC junk from inside. Please note the the amount of grease generously applied to the inside, I was wondering why it dripped to the outside.

RC Junk

Short Bashing Movie

Some recent bashing

RC Project 15: Blitzer Beetle 2011

One more kit on the shelf and todo-list 😉 Hard body, thinking about a rough and rusty design.

Seems the re-launched kits are very popular. Link

Tamiya Blitzer Beetle

Tamiya Blitzer Beetle

Tamiya Blitzer Beetle

RC Project 14: TA05 VERII R (Body and Light)

Finally finished the body, using the GT3 Cup VIP ’07 body and turning into a streetracer without the racing tags. Added some homemade electronics again (worth 4$) to light up front (2 LED each) and back (4 LED each). The driving is great fun, I still try to find a way to measure the top speed which I guess at 50km/h +

Homemade electronics, aka Tamiya light unit money saver

Homemade electronics, aka Tamiya light unit money saver

Porsche 911 Body

Porsche 911 Body